Keith LordOwnerStratəjē Fourteen

Keith A. Lord is the Owner of Stratəjē Fourteen, a Culinary Operations & Logistics Coaching Firm based in North County San Diego.

Prior to starting S14, Keith was the Director & Mastermind of Culinary and Operations at The Wild Thyme Company in San Diego, CA. The Wild Thyme Company, an off-premise Catering Company with two off-site divisions. The Bash Boutique and The Wild Thyme Table.

A graduate of the prestigious New England Culinary Institute in Essex Vermont. His thirty-year career has taken him from Roy’s Kahana Bar and Grill in Maui, Hawaii to working together with Chef Mark Franz of Farallon in San Francisco, and at the Lark Creek Inn with Chef Bradley Ogden in Marin County. From Pat Kuleto’s Buffalo Grill in the Bay Area to reinventing 20th Century Fox Studio’s food service program and Special Events. At the posh Linq Restaurant|Lounge in Beverly Hills, Lord continued to expand his taste for “global cuisine”. For a decade, Keith was the Corporate Chef of Festivities Catering & Special Events, TK&A Custom Catering, Simcha Kosher Catering and The Picnic People in San Diego California, helping the growth of an already established leader in the Catering field.

This led him to become involved with both Catersource and the ICA to speak, teach and cook at their respective conferences Catersource, and The Art of Catering Food. He is on the board of the ICA’s Board of Directors and has been working on the ICAEF’s board, specifically regarding the scholarship mentor and mentee programs.

Lord has worked alongside some of the worlds most renowned Chefs such as Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, London, Partick O’Connell at the Inn at Little Washington in Virginia and most recently with Matthew Orlando of Amass & NOMA in Copenhagen.

His role at The Wild Thyme Company pushed the boundaries of his culinary background and knowledge of event operations. The Wild Thyme Company offers borderless cuisine, is a food driven Catering Company and a leader in the San Diego region.

“My style has come about by linking my French Canadian background with my love for Japanese cuisine, Coastal French, Regional American & Northern African flavors together with the accessibility to San Diego farmed produce, local seafood & exotic spices, and my style is as diverse and rich in flavors as those of my influences. I have access to amazing ingredients used to balance menus of rich, seasoned foods with a selection of light, purest, yet highly inventive, dishes.”

“I draw inspiration from the artwork I create & through anything visually stimulating. From doodles on cocktail napkins to "classically defined" art (whatever that means). By treating power dining sessions as the true contact sport it truly is. I'm motivated by driving at frenetic speeds, amazingly loud music, social media, and anything random or completely unusual. I plan my travels based on the foods, cuisines & restaurants I want to sample & have the curry stains on my passport to back that up. I like to spend time in the kitchens of other Chefs, and enjoy being extremely well caffeinated.”

What I want to eat right now: Chicken Tikka Masala…do you have some?

I started cooking when: I was five… you know, French Canadian and hungry.

What I want to be when I grow up: Guitar player in the Foo Fighters.
What I did that was a once in a lifetime: Working with my friends at Culinary Capers in Vancouver BC during the 2010 Winter Olympics, what an insane/amazing experience that was!
Why I'm a foodie: You know that Thai place in the back of the Churchill Arms Pub in Notting Hill, London? I do, and I'll take you there.

Ace Editors Choice Award 2018
Ica Chef of The Year 2017
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