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J. VladimirPhotographerJ.Vladimir Commercial.Advertising.Fashion Photography

J. Vladimir is an accomplished photographer and media personality. He started working in New York and currently resides in Orlando. J. Vladimir has worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years+ for brands like Nike, Calvin Klien, American Eagle, Sokim New York, and many more brands, published in multiple editorials, cosmetic, commercials, and fashion magazines like Pump Magazine, Vigour Magazine, Assure Magazine, Knot, Celebration Magazine, Orlando Weekly and Wedding Magazine. In addition, he works with some of the top modeling agencies on fashion, Runway, and editorial concepts. Further, J. Vladimir has been directing and producing several commercials for fortune 500 companies, music videos, and lifestyle brands. Further, J. Vladimir works on multi-production for the art community, creating deconstructive and pop portrait art for private galleries and curators. He is also the Creative Director for many fashion house lookbooks for the 2023-2024 fashion summer/fall season. In addition, He holds the position of Creative Director and Board Member seat for the United Ballet Theatre of Central Florida. J. Vladimir's high-quality work is recognized in the community of artists, as he has been voted for the "viewers choice award" back to back for 2016-2020. Many hours are spent with no sleep but worth every moment, the outcome of creating something beautiful that may stand the age of time.