StavrosDirector of Business DevelopmentM Culinary Concepts

The thing about catering is that, once it gets INTO your system, you don't want to get it OUT of your system. Just ask Michael Stavros – he’s been at it for 20 years. Stavros brings to his professional life a passion for expanding his culinary horizons matched by a desire to build lasting relationships - and love of a good time! Important qualities for a career in catering and event sales...a natural choice after studying Political Science and Chinese language in college. Cutting his teeth with one of the most respected catering companies in Arizona, Stavros went on to develop, launch and manage a boutique luxury brand for industry giant Aramark, working with convention, corporate, and private clients throughout the country. In January 2010, Stavros joined M Culinary Concepts, leading companywide sales and marketing efforts, developing long-term growth plans and strategic partnerships that have strengthened relationships and celebrated community. Stavros and his team of "Sales Junkies" and Event Producers have grown M Culinary into the largest privately held catering company in the Southwest, with 2018 sales projected at $34 Million (up from $9.2 Million in 2009). In all things, Stavros and the M Culinary approach catering and events the same way they approach life: with authenticity, irreverence, passion, and compassion.