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Boris SeymoreExecutive ChefBDS Catering & Productions

Crediting his ability to adapt and adjust, he studied the art of food, became knowledgeable of food pairings, flavors, and seasonings and found an appreciation for a diverse palate of cuisine. His dedication paired with his vibrant sense of humor and obvious skills in the kitchen has allowed him to serve a multitude of clients from differing backgrounds and cook anything from Asian Fusion to Soul Food. Nothing brings people together quite like great food and Chef Boris is an expert when it comes to creating delicious meals that fill you up and leave your taste buds yearning for more. Former retail manager and event producer, from promotion to sound and lighting, Boris was a skilled expert at putting together amazing events for clients and performers in his hometown. What he didn't know was that one day he'd not only own a premiere event planning brand, but he'd also be a well respected and sought after chef. Trained at the Lincoln Culinary Institute, Chef Boris' specialty is to serve great tasting food that people enjoy eating and sharing. He is the Executive Chef and Owner of BDS Catering & Productions. His living mission is offering turnkey solutions for private and corporate clients that are executed flawlessly. Dedicated father, he would often make meals for his family, always plating up something extra special for them. The more he cooked, the more elaborate and delicious the meals became. Eventually, he decided to share his culinary talents with the public and make his hobby a profession. After doing a little research, Boris decided to attend Culinary School and while continuing his studies, he eventually landed his first event. This wasn't just any event, he was responsible for feeding over 300 members of a prestigious National organization- no small feat for a new chef. Almost like he'd be catering events for years, Chef Boris and his team pulled off the event seamlessly and at that very moment, he knew that he'd found his true calling. As you can imagine, word quickly spread and before he knew it, he was in high-demand. As the catering business grew, he and his team found that they had several clients who needed assistance with the overall planning for their event and BDS Catering and Productions was officially born. Maximizing his previous work in event production, Boris successfully built his brand to become the one-stop-shop for event planning and production. With plans that include developing a commercial event space unlike any we've seen before, to building a global brand, there's no doubt that Boris and his team at BDS Catering and Productions are positioned for greatness in the food-service and hospitality industry.