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Keith Sarasin, ACFChef /

Chef Keith Sarasin is an author, chef, speaker and restauranteur. In 2012 Keith started The Farmers Dinner. The Farmers Dinner hosts upscale dinners on local New England Farms. Since 2012, The Farmers Dinner has hosted over 100 farm to table events across New England and fed more than 20,000 customers raising over $230,000 for local farms. Keith has a deep passion and respect for Indian food which lead him to starting Aatma. Aatma is an exciting one-of-a-kind pop-up tasting experience showcasing food from the Indian subcontinent presented with modern techniques and styles. Keith is the author of three books, The Perfect Turkey, The Farmers Dinner Cookbook & Meat, The Ultimate Cookbook. In 2019 Keith opened his first restaurant, a locally sourced, farm to table style cuisine. Keith has been the keynote speaker for a variety of organizations including The American Culinary Federation.