Keith RobersonBusiness Development & Project ManagerEpting Events

Keith Roberson is the Business Development & Project Manager at Epting Events, a family business located in the Southeast and inspired by the personality of the region it serves. Keith has held his current position for five years and has managed projects that aid the catering and event planning company in expanding its reach beyond its home in Athens, Georgia. The projects he has helped manage range from hurricane and disaster relief efforts, developing a company product line and major corporate events. Prior to Keith’s current position, he served in numerous managing roles at Epting and specifically aided the company in business affairs in Georgia and its neighboring states.

Keith’s educational background is from the University of Georgia where he received both his undergraduate degree in political science and later an MBA. Following graduation, he pursued his interest in political affairs and worked for a Georgia State House Representative as campaign director and a political and public relations consultant. He later returned to the University of Georgia to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration from Terry College of Business focusing on operations and project management. This professional experience led him where he is today at Epting Events, helping the family-oriented company spread its Southern charm into new business sectors and regions.