Tessa ReuberSous ChefFooters Catering

Chef Tessa Reuber discovered her love for art and cooking at a very young age. When she wasn’t experimenting in the kitchen, you could find her brainstorming about the next thing she was going to create. Her entrepreneurial spirit brought her to Colorado in 2013, where she focused on employee experience design and company culture initiatives that promote inclusivity, empathy, health, work-life balance and fun/rewarding atmospheres. Her passion for food and creating awesome company culture brought her to Footers Catering in 2017 where she became Lead Production Sous Chef. Outside of the kitchen she spends time tending to her garden and scobys. Fun Fact, she has made over 40 varieties of kombucha flavors! If you take a peak inside Tessa’s pantry you would find house-made pickled carrots, turmeric lemon cucumber relish, carrot top pesto and a variety of preserved tomatoes.