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About Michael Israel Michael Israel is an artist, entertainer, and humanitarian who is world-renowned for his live-action paintings that have raised millions for charity. Michael’s performances are often referred to as a “Cirque De Soleil meets Picasso” experience. Michael has performed for and with Celebrities, Fortune 100 CEOs including Warren Buffett, and US Presidents. Artist and audience go wild with creative frenzy. Wielding multiple paintbrushes in each hand, a black belt in real life, Michael uses all the magical mysticism of three decades of fine art and martial arts training to create stunning artwork that audiences leap to their feet. Art for Humanity! One of the most powerful and endearing aspects of Michael is his commitment to charity. Not only do audiences watch the amazing performance with excitement, but they also bid high to buy the finished art piece. Individual artworks have sold for as much as $250,000... a great testament to how powerful and inspiring his art truly is. Michael entertains and EMPOWERS audiences to make a REAL difference in the world. He has a heart as big and grand as his over-sized canvasses, and he has raised millions of dollars for over 100 charitable organizations including the Special Olympics, the All-Star Children's Foundation for the Prevention of Child Abuse, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Michael energizes any event, from Presidential galas and dinners in Washington, DC to a Global Healthcare symposium in Monte Carlo. He has been on televised performances in Mexico City, and shared stages with Jay Leno in Las Vegas. Michael also performed on the Olympic Medals stage in Salt Lake City with Brooks & Dunn. At a Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting (The Super Bowl of all business meetings), he performed a portrait of billionaire investor Warren Buffet, which later sold for $100,000.00 to benefit Girls Inc of Omaha. A quick search on Google will uncover thousands of rave reviews and comments from people from all walks of life. Here are a few things that have been said about Michael's show: "This legitly brought tears to my eyes. For the 4th time watching it.... im 17 years old and a guy... i can admit this does.... i may not believe in god... but bless you michael." "I love this man... I had the honor of seeing him live and I'll never forget it..." "Hooah!! That rocked brother!! Awesome and magnificent, emotional, and strong heartedly done! Amen!!" "This guy is AMAZING thanks for using your talents for good causes i started CRYING the first time i saw this!" It is impossible to witness in a removed manner, even for a group of stoic Navy SEALS. Navy SEAL, Bob Schoultz Director, Master of Science in Global Leadership School of Business Administration University of San Diego had this to say: "Last night, during your introduction, the speaker wasn't getting much attention from this crowd of Navy Seals, their families and the leaders of San Diego's business community... Actually I was a bit embarrassed by all the talking and inattention... Within a short time, you had our full attention and we knew that we were in the presence of something really special, something different from anything most of us had ever seen before... What really impressed me was how you and your performance created a bridge between the military and business worlds, and the world of artistic creativity. You tailored your performance to this audience of 'practical' men and women and gave them an experience they won't forget about how an artist can capture the imagination and create a new understanding of the world we live in. Your creative interpretation and blending of pop-culture with patriotism and love of country gave us new insights into the power of art. And of course, the tens of thousands of dollars your paintings brought to support programs to support Naval Special Warfare Families will make a huge difference in the morale of spouses and children in families bearing the burden of our fighting men spending so much time deployed." When imagination exceeds reality, dreams are born!