Amberlee HugginsPresident and CMOCSI DMC

Amberlee Huggins, DMCP, is Chief Marketing Officer and President of CSI DMC. Her mission in life, work, and play is to "create An Exceptional Experience, Every Time". Driving with an entrepreneurial spirit and can do attitude since the day she was born (her mother can attest), Amberlee applies her passion, collaborative style of leadership, and extensive experience in global event production, branding, and management of people towards the continued success and growth of CSI DMC. Originally from Australia, Amberlee designed, developed, and brought to market her own product line "Tied to Style" before traveling the world on the proceeds of its sale. Upon settling in the USA, Amberlee changed track, found a mentor, and began a career in event management. Amberlee worked successfully as an independent planner for a variety of Fortune 500 clients and associations. During this time she hired and worked closely with DMCs all over the world. She was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, variety, and attention to quality the best of these organizations exhibit. Amberlee felt CSI exemplified these attributes she valued and she was happy to join the company in 2003. Amberlee works with teams in all areas of the CSI DMC organization to ensure engagement and delivery of exceptional experiences and to facilitate the quality that clients trust CSI to produce every time. Her previous speaking engagements have included a 2015 owner's session on "Deep Dive: Best Business Practices" at the annual DMC Network meeting in Mexico, "Brand & Deliver" at the annual ADMEI meeting in 2016, several industry panels and most recently, in 2018, being invited to teach classes on "Entrepreneurship and Event Planning" for Bowling Green State University. Meanwhile, her rescue pup Jake “Wigglebutt" Huggins keeps her exercise routine in check and love for nature alive and well.