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Sébastien DavidPresidentSénik The event agency

As a 30-year expert, Sébastien David started his career in the early 1990s and quickly elevated as one of the key personalities in the Canadian Event Business. With Senik Events, the company he co-launched 19 years ago, he is producing some of the most important corporate events in Canada. He heads a team of 15 event producers that successfully delivers more than 150 events per year across the world. Through the years, he has built a significant network of trustworthy collaborators in Canada and the United States that graced the success of the events Senik produced. This success had propelled him into a speaker at many important conferences of the Event Industry such as The Special Event (Worldwide Event Industry Conference) and Canadian Special Events. His passion, dynamism/energy, and creativity have contributed to truly authentic long-lasting relationships with his clients.