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Margaret BrowerCEO & FounderRainmaker Sales + Marketing

What should you know about me, Margaret? I am a memory maker. I am an applause starter. I am a goal digger. For over 15 years of loving and living the life of a results-driven catering venue Director of Sales, I developed a sales program with a two-fold leadership approach, skill development, and human development. The outcome was a team that was fed emotionally and experienced exponential growth in over $20M in annual revenue and 600 weddings per year. Now as CEO & Founder of Rainmaker Sales & Marketing, I bring that magic to catering sales teams across America so they can attract and close their ideal clients. I teach empathetic sales techniques designed to highlight the individual talents of each person on the team, and we mix in some interactive marketing solutions. From maximizing your tasting experience to training on lead correspondence, how to run an engaging sales meeting to wedding enhancement selling, I am best at taking a salesperson who says "I WANT" to "I WILL."