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Bobbi BrinkmanCEOBobbi Brinkman Photography/Consulting

Storytelling wedding photographer, motivational speaker, diet Mountain Dew addict, mindset + business growth coach for wedding industry go-getters, Bobbi Brinkman has spent the last 40 years capturing authentic moments for fabbo couples wherever their love story is being told and is equally passionate about working with creative entrepreneurs empowering them to shift their mindset, step into their purpose and build a profitable, purposeful, and inclusive business they deserve while living their most authentic life. Whether motivating audiences on a stage or 1:1 Coaching Fabbo-Chats, Bobbi's "you were meant for this" approach inspires wedding pros to serve with intention, build a CEO mindset, crush their business fears + goals, and lead with confidence in themselves and their business! Bobbi also hosts the Be Fabbo Podcast—episodes full of mindset, motivation, and business growth strategies in candid conversations with creatives sharing their stories that speak to the truth of both struggles and wins in building their careers. Her mantra in business and life is to BE FABBO, which means using your purpose and gift to confidently serve others. Believing you can make an impact in your business, your life, and knowing the world (and our industry) needs you just as you are. Always lead with kindness and with your heart forward and encompasses her overall BE MORE philosophy …be more curious, adventurous, creative, caring, braver than you think, and open to the possibilities of what being more can bring. She believes every wedding pro deserves a seat at the table for who they are and the fabbo they bring to it. Bobbi & her wife, Tina, share space in their Sassy Shorkiepoo Ellie Joy's fabbo world and a Dt Mt Dew nearby.