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Renee AdamsOwnerR.Collective

What’s your success story? Mine is turning people into the powerful version of themselves. By helping success driven people harness the power of their authentically awkward strengths, I transform dreamers into doers and wall flowers into thought leaders, making them magnets for more opportunity, more success, and more impact. But how did I get here? I built my personal brand at first by accident, and then by design. A serial entrepreneur, I founded a luxury special event company in 2012, which became a national leader in innovation and design and grew to win international accolades. When life threw me a curve ball, I launched R.Collective, after years of consulting and educating, it was time to get real about the impact I wanted to make. That was all it took. Thanks to my reputation and consistency in showing up to help others, in my first week of business I had amassed a line of clients out the door without having to make a single sales call. That’s the power of living in the awkward. R.Collective serves individual clients as well as corporations across the globe in all industries and stages of growth. We work one-on-one with individuals and executives, entrepreneurs and stay at home moms in trainings and workshops, teaching the power of personal strengths in today’s workplace. I believe in this work so much, I even wrote a book about it. "Live in the Awkward" which will be releasing late this year. The world needs more awkwardness. Drop me a line if you want to learn how to harness yours into a strategy for unparalleled success.