(TSE) No Is Not A Dirty Word & Neither Are Boundaries.

Mellysa Levy  (Event Planner, Sasha Souza Events)

Sasha Souza  (CEO & Event Designer, Sasha Souza Events)

Location: Coral

Date: Tuesday, March 10

Time: 8:00am - 9:00am

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Track: TSE-Wedding

Association: NACE

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We're in a service industry, we're in what most would consider the business of yes. But being in a service industry doesn't mean you're a yes person or you are in the business of being treated poorly or having no time to yourself. Have you been in any of these scenarios? You're so tired - you're in the middle of event season and haven't had a day off in weeks, but you have a client who is so incredibly needy & texts you or emails you many times a day, but you feel you can't ignore them. There is a client and they have brought all the bad ideas to the table...do you pretend to like them or do you tell them? You don't want to make them upset or not like you. You have a bully client and they are working your last nerve, but they have worn you down so much that you're about willing to give them your first born child if they ask. How do you gain control without being perceived as being too hard to work with? Are you able to get your life back? The answer is yes, but you have some work to do in order to be able to tell a client no for all the right reasons.

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