(TSE) A Producer, a Designer and a Fundraiser Walk into a Bar...Let's Talk Galas

Jen Poyer, CSEP  (Sr. Special Events Manager, Catalina Island Conservancy)

Ryan Hanson, CSEP  (Chief Creative Offier/Princple, BeEvents)

Location: Islander C

Date: Thursday, March 12

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm

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Track: TSE-Event Management

Association: AEP

Vault Recording: TBD

The title sounds like the beginning of a bad joke...and sometimes that's how we feel when working on a fundraising gala, "This has to be a bad joke...right?" We all know some of the best conversations at conferences are the casual discussions (and sometimes heated debates) that take place in the hotel lobby bar. Drop into the conversation as we discuss the current state of fundraising galas and how we as event professionals can rally to turn them from a thing of dread to a strategic and engaging opportunity to grow an organization's supporter base. Contribute to the conversation with your own real-life NPO woes and we'll give you some great takeaways to put into action - no joke.

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